A better way to pay - Cashless


We're going Cashless!

From Tuesday 3rd April 2018 we will no longer accept cash payments at the following leisure centres:

We have taken this decision to help improve the services we offer.  Lengthy waiting times at reception areas has been one of the main concerns raised in our customer satisfaction surveys and this move will cut the queues which build up when people make cash payments.

Additional benefits to cashless:

  • Increased security - We pride ourselves on safe, secure and comfortable facilities and going cashless will help to further increase the security at our centres. After Sweden went cashless in 2008 bank robberies reduced by 80%. 
  • Easier payment for parents - Parents will soon be able to put money on a pre-paid card for their children safe in the knowledge that this money will be spent on keeping their child active. 

We will no longer accept cash payments. This includes:

  • Group exercise classes
  • Using the Sports Hall for racquet sports, basketball etc.
  • Swimming Lessons and sessions
  • Using the Fitness Suite
  • Booking birthday parties
  • Membership & promotions

How will I be able to pay to use the centres?
Our customers can now pay for swim, gym sessions, exercise classes, hiring courts in the sports hall or any other of our services using the following:
• Debit card
• Credit card
• Pre paid credit card

or by topping up your 1610 membership at reception in your local leisure centre. Your 1610 membership card will now act as your cashless card. Simply top up your Cashless account at reception with your credit or debit card please note their will be a minimum £5 top up required.

If for any reason you have not been issued a 1610 membership card or you have lost your membership card please speak to a member of the team who will be more than happy to set you up with one.

Online Cashless Top Up – Coming soon

Over the next few months we will be introducing an online top up solution that will enable you to top up your Cashless account from the comfort of your own home via our website or the 1610 mobile app.

Are you already a 1610 member?

The change does not affect those customers who pay to use the centres using monthly direct debits -  unless they are seeking to pay to use additional facilities not covered by their current membership.

Cashless Terms & Conditions 

Terms and conditions for Cashless top up payments to your 1610 card

  1. There is minimum top up amount of £5 to your account 
  2. To pay for any of the activities via your 1610 top up account – you must bring with you your current 1610 card so the money can be debited from your account
  3. The money on your account can be used to pay for both activities and products available within any 1610 leisure facility. These include but are not limited to:
    1. Gym
    2. Swimming
    3. Group Exercise
    4. Racquet Sports
    5. Causal sports bookings
    6. Facility hire or block booking
    7. Junior activities and play schemes
    8. Swim lessons
  4. Any money not  spent from the account,  in a 12 month period, from the date the money was credited, will be retained by 1610 Ltd.
  5.  If you lose your membership card – you will need to inform us immediately so we can cancel your card. 1610 does not accept liability for any misuse of the card.
  6. For any lost or stolen cards there is a charge of £2.60 for a replacement card.
  7. 1610 does not offer refunds or transfers.


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