Class & Gym Session Cancellation Policy


Due to demand and customer feedback we will now be enforcing a no show class fee to all members who do not attend booked and confirmed classes or gym sessions. This change is to encourage members to cancel prior to the two hour close off period which enables 1610 to offer the space to those who are waiting for a space to become available.

Please note that we do not make any exceptions to this policy.

Cancellation Notice

Two hour notice prior to your booked class or gym session.

How to cancel

Via our app or call your local centre.

Late Cancellation Fee / No Show Fee

If you cancel your booking less than two hours before your class/gym session or do not attend a class/gym session there will be a late cancellation fee of £3.00 applied to your account.

No fee will be applied if you cancel more than two hours before the class/gym session.

Refunds and Transfers (Pay as you Go)

1610 are unable to provide refunds or transfers for classes/swim/gym sessions.