Online booking update


Friday 9th June - Important update to Online Bookings 

On Tuesday 30th May we carried out an update to improve our online booking system for the 1610 Website and 1610 Mobile App, after further testing we uncovered a couple of bugs within the update.

We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience online, and therefore have carried out some further work to ensure all issues have been resolved.

We are pleased to say that all these issues have now been rectified, but unfortunately this will require you to reset your password again using the following format, and to further enhance our security we also request that your password differs from your other online passwords:

  • Must be 8 Characters Long and include;
    • One uppercase
    • One lowercase
    • One number
    • One special character - e.g !

Please follow the steps below to reset your password: 

  • Step 1 - Password request. Request your new password using your email - REQUEST PASSWORD
  • Step 2 - Wait for an email to arrive in your inbox with a new password reset link. Click on the link. 
  • Step 3 - Set new password 
  • Step 4 - All done - Simply login to the mobile app or website using your email address and the new password you've just  set. 
  • Step 5 - When logging back into the mobile app be sure to click on the 'book class' tile. 

Waiting Lists

We have also taken on board member feedback regarding class waiting lists and we’re pleased to announce that we will be introducing an automated email service, which will have the ability to notify members as soon as a class space becomes available. This will help to ensure you get a space on the class of your choice.

What does this mean for me?

We look forward to bringing in these improvements for Summer 2017. To enable you to get the most out of these improvements, we simply ask that you provide us with your most up to date email address.  So when you  next come and visit us – please ask at reception to check we have the most up to date information for you – or give us a call and we can do this on the phone.

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