Personal Trainer - Connor Ryan

““Health. Fitness. Wellness””

Connor Ryan, Personal Trainer, Dorchester Sports Centre

Fitness Qualifications

Level 5 Professional Diploma for advanced sports and exercise nutrition advisor (Ongoing),                 Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 national diploma in sport development and fitness, level 2 gym instructor, level 2 advanced circuits instructor.

About me

Throughout my life I have always been surrounded by sport and exercise, this developed a passion for health and fitness and provided me with the foundations I needed to kick start my career within the industry. Running parallel with my career I have always kept myself active through a number of different methods and techniques, these range from bodybuilding, to powerlifting and also various body conditioning methods.

Throughout my work with clients and also within my own training I have developed a huge amount of knowledge and adapted this into my own philosophy. This philosophy is centred around bringing the mind and body together to work in cohesion and maximise the power of this to not only look and perform better but also to feel better within yourself.

I firmly believe that at the forefront of health and fitness is nutrition, a healthy, balanced diet tailored to the needs of an individual is priceless. You can train as much and as hard as you possibly can but if this isn’t supported by a good wholesome nutrition then the benefits of training will be a lot harder to achieve. I have developed a high level of knowledge regarding nutrition through current study of a level 5 professional diploma in advanced Sports and Exercise Nutrition, using this I can help guide and support your health and fitness goals with what, when and why you should consume certain nutrients to maximise your results.

A few of Connors favourite things

Within my training I really enjoy mixing it up and trying new techniques and newly found methods of training, trying them within my own programme so I can see for myself whether the principle is optimal for continued use and if so to implement with my clients.

I am forever reading articles and viewing seminars relating to the latest research within the health and fitness industry, I think it’s extremely important to have a hunger for obtaining knowledge and to approach every aspect with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

I am a definite foodie so outside of my work in the gym I enjoy going out to eat at restaurants, I like to try various cuisines but my favourite is most definitely Italian food!  

Favourite Exercise

For me a favourite exercise all depends on what the end goal is. There are so many exercises out there with such a wide range of benefits that it would be impossible to single out just one, if I had to shortlist it down I would have to say the big 3 – Bench press, barbell squat and deadlift.

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