Lizzy Mitsi - Personal Trainer

Lizzy Mitsi- Personal Trainer at Caryford Fitness and Leisure

Qualifications: Bsc Hons in Acupuncture, Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Various Class Certificates such as Fitness Pilates, Kettlercise, Combat Mx and Clubbercise.

About me

I originally set out to complete my degree in Acupuncture as I have a passion for health and helping people reach their lifestyle goals. While completing my degree I also started working in sports and leisure where I gained my Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification.

Since working in leisure, it sparked my interest in my own fitness goals and inspired me to want to benefit other people in reaching their health and fitness aspirations.

With this I am now in the process of integrating my acupuncture skills and personal training skills to offer customers the best outcome for health, lifestyle and fitness.

For myself I train to maintain and improve body fat %, keep myself in shape and improve muscular strength.

With a dynamic training routine, I can help a variety of training goals whether you’d like to decrease body fact, sculpt and tone up for summer, improve strength to rehabilitate an injury, train specifically for a fitness event or maintain health and completing your weekly routine- I’m here to help!

Fitness/ Health Goals- Prior to discovering a health issue in 2010 I struggled with excessive weight. With acupuncture treatment to target the health issue, a 6 week diet programme and exercise programme, I reached my desired weight using the gym, playing sport and swimming.  

Personal training doesn’t just have to be about using the gym, you can do your workout at home, train outside, go for a swim, play a sport or attend exercise classes. Whether your goal is to decrease body fat, tone up or gain strength your programme is personal to you and you prefer to do exercise.

As with any goal, you have to start somewhere. Personal training is for any fitness level; from beginner to sport rehabilitation to training for a sporting event. I can offer as much support as you need; I can offer personal training sessions one to one, offer sessions you can complete on your own around your routine and other relevant advice such as diet.

My next venture is a Master’s degree in Sports Therapy which I will be completing alongside Personal Training and teaching classes. This will progress my skills to helping people reach their health, fitness and lifestyle goals but will also help prevent injury and rehabilitate previous and existing injuries to offer the best treatment and programme for you.

My favourite things

When training, I like to use a combination of resistance equipment, free weights and body weight exercises to keep my programme fresh. I also like attending classes for aerobic/cardio based exercise- my favourites are Group Cycle and Yoga.

In my free time I like visiting new places, I’m a bit of a traveller! I enjoy meeting friends as well as having some down time at home. I would like to continue learning to snow board and play a regular sport like tennis.

My favourite gym exercise

I would say my favourite exercise is a squat; there are so many combinations you can do with a squat. I like to use combination and isolation exercises, however I also like the idea of putting both together, for example a squat with a tricep kickback.

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