1610 Reasons to Swim

Posted: 29th Dec 2015

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Swimmer at Trinity Sports and Leisure

There are so many great reasons to swim, so we thought we'd start our year by sharing some of our favourites with you and why you shouldn't be afraid to take the plunge in 2016. 

16 Reasons to Swim 

1. Improve your core and perfect your posture. Swimming is the only sport that uses every muscle in your body!
2. Low Impact. There is little or no impact in swimming so you can push yourself, safe in the knowledge you are less likely to get injured.
3. Work your heart and lungs to the max. No other sport can work your heart and lungs like an aquatic sport. Push yourself to the max in a completely different environment.
4. See yourself improve. Improvement in swimming is so easy to measure. Swim further or faster as your swimming and fitness improves.
5. Complementary. Swimming is great at building the longer leaner muscles that perfectly compliment the larger shorter muscles developed with resistance work.
6. Master of mobility. Swimming helps to increase flexibility and mobility.
7. Relax and refresh. Swimming is the perfect way to cool down and after another activity, so what ever else you have done help your body to recover and relax by taking a refreshing swim.
8. Social encounter. Swimming is the highest participated
sport in the UK! So go get in and meet new people.
9. Build the metres and lose the pounds. If you push yourself, swimming can be great at helping you to lose the weight.
10. Calorie burn. While you’re using all the muscles in your body you’re burning lots of calories.
11. Improve Coordination. As swimming uses your whole body all the time it’s great at improving special
awareness and coordination.
12. Sport for life. Everyone can or should be able to swim regardless of age 0-99years+.
13. Heat beater. If you don’t like the getting hot and sweaty part of exercise, then stay cool and swim.
14. Cholesterol reducer. Due to the improved aerobic power that comes naturally with swimming it will help
towards a balanced cholesterol.
15. Take it further. With triathlons gaining in popularity, get into swimming and try a tri. A 1610 race series is never
too far away.
16. Variation is the spice of life. Change up your swim sessions, the options are endless. Swap strokes, kick
it out, arms only, use some equipment or add some cross training by adding a bit of circuit style exercise on poolside.

10 Reasons to Swim with 1610

1. Community focused. Our pools have a welcoming atmosphere and are at the heart of their communities!
2. Specific sessions. All our pools have a variety of sessions to suit everyone.
3. Be pushed. Our pools run the most up to date Swimfit sessions which are run by ASA qualified staff.
4. Aquafit. Our Aquafit sessions are always popular because we have expert instructors and a varied approach to classes. Choose from Aquafit, Aqua Hiit, Aqua Gold, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Stretch… find out which and more run at your 1610 centre.
5. Swim Academy. Our Swim Academies run lessons for all ages and abilities and all lessons are taught by the very best ASA qualified staff.
6. Proper Pools. All our pools are 25m long and have both deep and shallow water making them perfect for all abilities.
7. Swim time. Our pools are open at a variety of times. If you want to swim early morning, late at night or just during the day our pools have a swim session for you.
8. ASA links. The ASA is the national governing body for swimming, no one knows more about swimming than them. 1610 work closely with the ASA to get the best from your pool and improve your experience.
9. Open all year. With the exception of Christmas day, Boxing day, and New Year’s day our pools are open all year round with competitive prices.
10. Safe sessions. All our sessions are supervised by fully qualified staff for your safety and enjoyment.

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