1610 FANS Membership Scheme

The 1610 Free Access for National Sports scheme provides national level sportspeople with free access to 1610 sports and leisure facilities within the counties of Somerset, Devon and Dorset.

Members are invited from most sporting disciplines recognised by Sport England. FANS aim to assist elite athletes in achieving their full potential by reducing the financial burden of training costs.

To be eligible for the 1610 scheme you must be 12 or over and:

  • A resident for the majority of the year in the counties of Somerset, Devon or Dorset. (Full-time students whose parents/guardians reside in the district are eligible)
  • A current member of a national team or squad in the 1610 selected sports recognised. by Sport England (list of sports are in the application form attachment)
  • Be aged 12 or over and currently listed in the top 10 of their national age group ranking within the 1610 selected sports recognised by Sport England.

Please ensure you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this membership before completing your application form.

FANS Application Form

Please send your completed application form and supporting documentation to Eleanor Smith, 1610 Limited, Hestercombe House, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton TA2 8LG.

Terms and conditions of the 1610 FANS scheme

1610 FANS scheme members will be entitled to appropriate free use of 1610 leisure facilities in the counties of Somerset, Devon and Dorset during designated times when the facilities are open, providing there is no disruption to other users and no additional cost incurred by the facilities. This will be through negotiation with the site and at the discretion of the General Manager.

Membership of the 1610 FANS scheme must be renewed every 12 months pending continued sports performance at a national level, with National Governing Body confirmation required.

Each 1610 FANS scheme member will be issued with a membership card, which must be presented upon each visit and will be swiped through the computer to record each visit. They will also be asked to complete a health questionnaire and complete a KickStart programme.

Conditions of use and conduct appropriate to the facilities and membership must be strictly adhered to under 1610’s membership terms and conditions; failure to do so may result in the 1610 FANS scheme membership being withdrawn.

Supporting evidence and confirmation of a sports person’s current involvement at a national level will be required from the appropriate National Governing Body of sport (e.g. a letter from your NGB inviting you to a national/international competition, results, ranking verification).

The relevant facilities will be informed of any new members to the scheme.

1610 reserves the rights to withdraw, amend or suspend this scheme in the event of any unforeseen circumstances outside its reasonable control, with no liability to any third party.

In return for the benefits that the 1610 FANS scheme members obtain from free usage of facilities, a condition of their membership specifies that within reason:

  • They will make every effort to attend at least 2 promotional events a year as requested by 1610 limited. This may also include assistance in coaching activities (if appropriate).
  • Be included within a minimum of two 1610 press releases a year.
  • If 1610 promotional merchandise is given for free – then this is to be worn or used for 1610 promotional pictures

1610 are keen to monitor how the scheme benefits its members, how often facilities and services are used, as well as news about member’s recent competition, results, national representation and ranking. Therefore this information will need to be provided with a minimum of two times a year as a condition of the membership and will be used via its digital communication platforms – e.g. 1610 website and social media.

When a new 1610 FANS member joins the scheme they agree to an initial press release and may be asked for a photo to accompany this news release.