Why working out against exam stress gets 10/10 from Yeovil pupil Sam

Posted: 11th Jun 2019

Category: Health & Fitness

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June can be a very stressful time for the thousands of students and pupils across Somerset who are currently studying for their GCSE’s and A’ Levels

But for 15- year- old Sam Gold from Yeovil working out at the Preston Sports Centre gym has proved to be an effective way to alleviate both exam stress as well as the multitude of social pressures which young people now have to contend with.

Sam signed up for the gym in August of last year and is currently studying for his GCSE’s. Under the guidance of Wellness Coach Lewis Bispham, he has been working out with a specially designed weights programme which Sam believes has delivered huge benefits for his physical and mental well- being;

“It has really helped me in so many ways, I feel much more relaxed after a work- out as it gives me a release of energy and I able to focus much more and I am less anxious as it has really improved my self-confidence. I never thought when I started this that I would improve so much and be able to lift the weights I am doing.”

Lewis Bispham says that many teenagers have to cope with a wide range of issues from social media to exam grades but that the gym can be a welcoming space where they can find respite from such anxiety. He has devised a workout with Barbells for Sam which has brought real results:     

 “Training with Barbells is hard when done with correct programming and I've found through my own training as well as coaching Sam and others that people tend to stress less and become less anxious once they start seeing an increase in their strength. When someone lifts heavier than they think they can with a Barbell then it tends to make stressful situations seem a lot easier because they've already been through something mentally and physically challenging which they didn't think they could do. Their attitude changes for the better towards other challenging aspects of their life. “

Sam aims to keep on working out and to make exercise part of his long term and regular routine. “I am going to keep going to the gym and set new goals for myself, Lewis has great insight into strength training and I enjoy chatting through ideas with him so I can improve and gain more energy and confidence.”

For more information please contact Preston Sports Centre Tel 01935 413477.