Why a running club proved to be the road to recovery for North Devon painter Louise

Posted: 29th Mar 2018

Category: Health & Fitness

Louise - Running club.jpg

For Bideford painter and decorator Louise Jeffery being fit and active has been very much part of her working life, climbing up and down ladders, being on her feet all day. So when she broke her right leg in June of last year it was the last thing she needed but the launch of a new running club at Torridge Pool has helped Louise’s rehabilitation and to find her feet pounding the roads and countryside of North Devon once again.

Louise spent six weeks with in plaster last year after fracturing her leg and rupturing her Anterior Cruciate ligament and her Medial Collateral ligament. She then spent a further six weeks coping with a hinged brace.

Louise still attended the gym at Torridge pool, working on her upper body strength but it wasn’t until she became a member of the new running club at Torridge Pool in January of this year that Louise really began to see results with her rehabilitation and fitness levels.

Although Louise had been a member of the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club as a child she had not done any serious running in many years, so returning to a once loved and long forgotten sport has been a revelation for Louise: “We have only been running for nine weeks, twice a week, slowly building up the miles but I have seen such an improvement with the strength of my leg and it has helped me get back into full time work so much more quickly. It has helped tremendously and the support you get from other members and the staff who really motivate you and guide you with running style and breathing. Although you are participating in a group run, it actually feels like you are having a one to one session, I feel this is because the 1610 Torridge Pool Instructors are constantly by your side.”

Louise’s confidence as a runner has quickly improved and she now wants to set new challenges for herself; “We have completed a 5k park run and I would love to do a 10k or even a Tough Mudder event. I have also lost one and a half inches around my waist and it is a brilliant way of losing weight as running outside you really push yourself. The time goes so quickly, it’s really very therapeutic.”

Torridge Pool running club is available on Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm-7pm for more information please Tel 01237 471794.