Why North Devon children are to Get Set Go thanks to 1610 activity scheme in Somerset

Posted: 30th Nov 2018

Category: Health & Fitness


An innovative 1610 multi sports and activities scheme for children in Somerset looks set to repeat its success by expanding its services into North Devon from next year.

The Get Set Go programme which was launched in Somerset in 2016 offers preschool and primary school pupils sports coaching, breakfast and after school clubs as well as P.E. curriculum support to schools and nurseries across the County. The scheme inspires children to engage with a range of sports and wellness activities ranging from gymnastics, dance, Balanceability, to tennis and swimming.

The programme has proved to be such a great success in Somerset with hundreds of primary school pupils and pre-schoolers that now 1610 is to offer the scheme to primary schools and nurseries in the Torridge, Torrington and Holsworthy areas in North Devon from January of next year.  During the past year in Somerset the numbers of children attending the Get Set Go courses has risen from 2019 to 5520, an increase of 173%.

Get Set Go Leader, Suzanne Richards says that children in rural areas in North Devon will be able to access a wide- range of exciting multi sports and activities delivered by experienced and specialist coaches; ‘1610 has been involved in outreach work in rural parts of Somerset since 2011, liaising closely with local schools and nurseries to provide activities such as gymnastics, street dance and the Balanceability cycling scheme. There was such demand for those activities from schools and communities in Somerset that the Get Set Go Programme was developed and which now two years on is continuing to thrive and grow as more schools and groups engage with the scheme. Children in North Devon will also be able to benefit from the range of activities we offer through the programme as well as having access to specialist, gymnastics and dance coaches on their doorstep without having to travel further afield.  Many families living in rural areas complain of the many miles they have to travel with children to access facilities and expert coaching so now we can offer those services to them through our 1610 sites at Torrington, Torridge and Holsworthy. Get Set Go will have a very positive impact on the lives of children in the North Devon area inspiring them to enjoy a fun and active lifestyle.’

For more information please contact Suzanne Richards at West Somerset Sports & Leisure Tel 01643 708815.