Unique Swim Buddy initiative launched at 1610 pools across the South West

Posted: 3rd May 2017

Category: Sports


A unique swimming initiative is being launched at seven 1610 swimming pools across the South West to encourage more people to swim and to improve their techniques.

The Swim Buddy Programme is being launched this month at pools in Somerset, Dorset and Devon and which involves specially trained members of 1610 staff who will be offering specialist support to swimmers about fitness techniques and how to make the best use of equipment and facilities.

The Swim Buddy scheme has been developed by 1610 in response to feedback from a recent survey of swimmers who wanted more guidance and support when they are using 1610 pools.

The Swim and Sports Development Manager for 1610, Ricky Hayes says that the Swim Buddies have a new and more engaging role to play to challenge swimmers to change their swimming techniques for improved results:  “The best way to think of a swim buddy is that they are a fitness instructor but for the pool. A swim buddy is not a swimming teacher; they are very much like a gym instructor. Our Swim Buddies have been given a careful blend or knowledge from fitness principles which can be used in the pool to help improve technique and form. So just like a gym instructor might approach someone in the gym if their deadlift technique was off, a swim buddy might approach you if you need to work on your breathing control or looking to change what you do from one session to the next. “

The Swim Buddies will be available at Trinity Sports & Leisure Pool in Bridgwater and Cresta Leisure Centre in Chard in Somerset. Also at Beaminister Pool and Dorchester Leisure Centre in Dorset and at Torridge, Torrington and Holsworthy pools in Devon.

They will also be able to advise on equipment and facilities:

  • Using the flags and bunting to help spot the wall when swimming back stroke.
  • How to use a pull buoy or other special equipment
  • Why most pools have a pace clock to use.
  • What training methods can be adopting to encourage increased fitness or weight loss.

1610 will also be running a special offer in May for casual swimmers where they will be able to buy three swims in a month and get a fourth swim for free.