How Charlotte proved that “This Girl Can” when it comes to Walking Netball in Crewkerne

Posted: 7th Mar 2017

Category: Sports


Being the last girl to be picked for the netball team is a childhood memory that many women want to forget but a recent Sport England campaign” This Girl Can” is turning those memories and negative attitude to sport on its head.

“ This Girl Can” celebrates the active participation of women in sport and it is having a real impact in Somerset where women of all ages are taking up sport, many of them returning to a sporting activity they enjoyed some years ago.

1610 has embraced the campaign by launching Walking Netball sessions at its centres in Crewkerne, Bridgwater, Chard and Glastonbury to encourage new and former players to join in and have fun with sport.

Walking Netball was trialled at Crewkerne Sports Centre where it is thriving and developing a real following with players from 20 to 70 years old where newly converted player, 53 year old Charlotte Revely is a regular team member;

“Until recently I had a total aversion to sport, playing it or watching it. Memories of numb fingers and freezing, bare legs on the school hockey pitch, added to the shame of always being last to picked for netball, put me off it for life. Once I left school I never felt the urge to participate in sport again and, at the age of 53, I didn’t imagine that l ever would. All that changed recently when I discovered walking netball. I was persuaded into giving it a go by some friends but thought I would hate it as much as I did at school. Now I’m an addict and try never to miss a session. “

Charlotte was encouraged to overcome her self-confessed allergy to sport by the fun atmosphere and warm reception she received at the Crewkerne Walking Netball sessions where the emphasis is on fun and camaraderie; “You don’t need to know anything about netball before you attend, all levels of fitness and expertise are catered for, and all ages and sizes are welcomed.  The age range of the group so far ranges from 20s to 70s. The objective is to get a bit fitter and have some fun. It’s also very sociable and you’re welcome to stick around for a cup of tea or coffee afterwards.”