King Alfred Sports Centre launches UK first Prama programme for children

Posted: 28th Apr 2016

Category: Families

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Babies, Toddlers and young children in Somerset will be the first in the UK to try the new interactive sensory PRAMA Kidz exercise programme which is being launched by 1610 at King Alfred Sports Centre at Highbridge in Somerset. Tuesday May 3. 

The PRAMA Kidz programme uses movement, lights and music to help children develop and improve their balance, agility, coordination and social skills.

What makes the new PRAMA fitness equipment so unique is that it is multi- sensory and uses an intelligent interactive flooring system with integrated LED lights, controlled by touch screen technology.

It's a new progamme which will excite both parents and children alike as though it uses technology which children are familiar with, it is used in a positive and fun way to encourage them to develop essential physical and social skills working together as part of a team; as the Programme leader Ryan Jones explains;

 “The PRAMA programme is very creative; it uses lights and music to create a high energy atmosphere where children are having so much fun working together to react quickly to the programme.  Some of the younger children will be part of a programme which uses story telling to inspire them, such as a Jungle theme where they can enjoy music from the Jungle Book and follow random lights or Cheetah tracks.  It's a fun new way to exercise using the latest cutting edge technology to get kids active.”

The exercise programme have been specially designed for 3 different age groups, beginning with the baby, toddler and pre-school age group (PRAMA Play) which are great fun for parents and children to take part in. (Tuesdays 10am -12pm).

 PRAMA Minis 4-7 years  (Saturdays 10.30-11am)

PRAMA Mini's is an 8- week programme that uses story telling to immerse children into a new world, each session takes them on an adventure, from crash landing in the Jungle, sailing the  Seven Seas or being lost in Space. The sessions are aimed at introducing children into physical activity in a fun and social environment.

PRAMA Kidz 7-11 years  (Saturday 11-11.45am)

PRAMA Kidz is an 8-week programme, each week focuses on a different theme such as PRAMA's Got Talent, PRAMA warrior training, and Olympics to name but a few. For PRAMA Kidz the programme is taken to a whole new level by introducing some exciting equipment such as Kettlebells, medicine balls, Bosu boards, battle ropes and much more. Each session is designed to improve physical fitness and motor skills .

For more information please contact Ryan Jones at King Alfred Sports Centre  Tel ; 01278 786868.