How a North Devon mum and daughter face new exercise challenges to battle the lung condition Bronchiectasis

Posted: 15th Oct 2018

Category: Health & Fitness

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A mum and daughter from North Devon are taking on new exercise challenges in the battle to overcome the lung condition, Bronchiectasis. 

60- year- old Janet Glover from Bideford was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis in June of this year. She is now using exercise as a means to manage the long-term lung condition at 1610 Torridge Pool in Northam while her daughter Leanne Glover, a 1610 Wellness Manager, is to take on the London Marathon next year to raise funds for the British Lung Foundation (BLF).

Bronchiectasis occurs when the airways (Bronchi) become damaged, causing them to become wider which can lead to a build- up of mucus in the lungs. They can then become infected with bacteria leading to further damage due to scarring of the lungs. It is estimated that up to 300,000 people a year in the UK are diagnosed with the condition according to the latest research. Bronchiectasis is sometimes called non-cystic fibrosis Bronchiectasis.

Janet contracted a number of chest infections, including double pneumonia and was admitted to hospital earlier this year and while now on medication she says regular exercise is an effective way to improve her condition: “I had been a regular member of the Torridge Pool gym before I became ill but since my diagnosis and recovery I have been slowly building up the exercise again, attending Yoga classes at first to help with my breathing. I am also doing Cardio exercises in the gym as it is important to increase my lung capacity and to stop the build-up of mucus in the lungs; exercise helps to loosen it and clear it. Since working out on the cross trainer, treadmill, and bike I cough less and I am not as breathless, although I am on medication, I have to keep exercising to stay healthy;”

Janet’s daughter Leanne was so inspired by her mother’s experience that she wanted to do something to help; “Alongside my role as Wellness Manager, I am a keen runner so I was very pleased to be accepted as part of Team Breath to run on behalf of the British Lung Foundation in the London Marathon next year. After what Mum has been through I just wanted to do my bit for a charity that funds research and treatment for a variety of lung conditions and diseases that affect so many people in the UK. Exercise, especially when it is delivered through tailored programmes, can help a variety of health conditions and Mum's experience is a great example of what can be achieved when the right support is given.”

Janet says that she is very proud of Leanne for taking on the challenge of a marathon and she will continue to strive to improve her own health and fitness; “It is important to keep at it, it is daunting at first but the results speak for themselves.  I am aiming to start a low impact aerobics class and to keep working out in the gym because it makes me feel so much better and I can enjoy life to the full.”

Anyone wishing to support Leanne in the London Marathon should visit;

For more information about Torridge Pool Tel 01237 471794