How exercise helped Highbridge woman conquer back pain and anxiety

Posted: 26th Sep 2018

Category: Health & Fitness


It is estimated that almost half the adult population (43%) or 28 million people in the UK are living with chronic pain. For the past 15 years Julie Baker from Highbridge has been living with back pain and lack of mobility due to fracturing her spine after falling on black ice. Now Julie is enjoying a new lease of life due to reduced back pain and increased mobility, thanks to the exercise plan devised by 1610 staff at King Alfred Sports Centre in Highbridge.

The exercise plan has also helped her cut excess weight due to an underactive Thyroid and it has also reduced her severe anxiety which had become a real issue for her. She has now dropped a dress size and can regularly takes part in exercise classes as well as the gym. She is much more confident and now exercises regularly with her new “gym buddy” Joanne, who she teamed up with at the centre. Julie says that joining the King Alfred Sports Centre has transformed her life; “A year ago I would attempt to go into the gym but I would stand at the gates hesitating and I just froze with anxiety but Tom Britton and Mel Teacy who work at the centre were so welcoming and patient. They listened to me about my issues and helped me overcome my fears to tackle the right exercise programme. Now my back is so much more mobile,  and now I can lift it off the floor when I am working out doing planks and crunches, which I could not do before and my back pain is much less of a problem.”

Julie works out at the gym 2 or 3 times a week and attends 3 or 4 classes a week and aims to lose more weight and become fitter and stronger; “I want to drop another dress size but the main thing is I feel so much better and more confident. Gyms can be intimidating places but they are so friendly at King Alfs so you can’t let your anxiety get the better of you. I have so much more energy and meeting Jo at the gym has been so much fun which has been a real boost and makes me realise what I can achieve.”

Anyone suffering from any of the issues mentioned in this press release are invited to meet with a 1610 Personal Trainer'/Wellness Coach to find out how a personalised exercise plan can help alleviate their health problems.

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