Holsworthy swimming initiative that changes lives for the better

Posted: 13th Jul 2016

Category: Sports


With rising levels of child and adult obesity in the UK, Holsworthy Leisure Centre in North Devon has been fighting back with a pro-active swimming programme for adults and children which is changing lives for the better. 

Holsworthy Leisure Centre is offering free taster sessions for children’s swimming lessons and it is soon to offer group swimming lessons for adults. It is working in partnership with the local children’s centre to promote swimming in the local community.

1610 which manages Holsworthy Leisure Centre is running a campaign called “1610 reasons to swim” which promotes the key benefits of swimming on health. It is encouraging adults and babies alike to take up swimming which is also a key life skill and which can enhance leisure and healthy lifestyles. 

Someone who has taken up the challenge of adult swimming lessons at Holsworthy Leisure Centre is 36 year old Charlene Gwidza from Petrockstowe who believes that the lessons have changed her life for the better by helping her to overcome her fears.

Charlene started having one to one lessons with the leisure centre Swim School Coordinator Adam Davey back in the Autumn as she was afraid to go out of her depth in the water. This fear had a big impact on family holidays and keeping her family safe near water.

Charlene says she first had to tackle the embarrassment factor of starting lessons before she could take on her fear of the water; “ It is not easy as an adult signing up for swimming lessons, but the benefits far out weigh any embarrassment one might have. I was so impressed with Adam’s teaching, which he tackles in stages, I have developed so much confidence in the water so much so that I have signed up my two children, Joseph and Matilda for lessons.’’

Charlene says that she can now swim two lengths of Holsworthy Pool and that she intends to carry on with lessons to further improve her swimming technique. She says her new confidence in the water will transform family holidays as she can now take her children to swimming pools. She says “ this was a huge motivator for starting lessons” and she would encourage other adults who can’t swim to overcome their fears: “ I say to people who I meet just go for it, you have nothing to lose and you gain so much, Adam has been brilliant and we are looking forward to all swimming together as a family.”

For more information on the range of swimming lessons and activities at Holsworthy Leisure Centre please contact Adam Davey Swim School Co-ordinator 01409 254013 adavey2@1610.org.uk.