Chris shows he is all heart as he Skydives in memory of his father

Posted: 8th Oct 2018

Category: 1610 Trust


As the manager of  three 1610 leisure centres in Bridgwater and Highbridge, Chris Skidmore takes a leading role in inspiring staff and customers to test their fitness and to try something new. 

Now he has taken his own advice to heart by taking part in a sponsored Skydive to raise money for the 1610 Charity of the Year the British Heart Foundation and to honour the memory of his father Bob who died two years ago following a heart attack.

Chris who is the General Manager of Trinity Sports & Leisure and Robert Blake Elmwood & Leisure in Bridgwater and King Alfred Sports Centre in Highbridge, wanted to honour his father who had always been a great source of inspiration to him; ‘My Dad played a huge part in my life. He was someone who I have always looked up to and strived to be like for so many different reasons.  The Skydive was an amazing adrenalin rush as well as a fantastic experience and it gave me a chance to be completely taken out of my comfort zone. But more importantly, it allowed me to raise money in memory of a great man and a great cause.’

Heart and circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter (26%) of all deaths in the UK, more than 150,00 deaths each year- an average of 420 people each day and one death every 3 minutes. (

So far Chris has raised more than £1200 for the British Heart Foundation.

Anyone wishing to donate to Chris’s fundraising campaign can do so my following this link;