Bideford woman conquers lifelong fear of going into water thanks to 1610

Posted: 20th Feb 2018

Category: Health & Fitness


A North Devon woman who has had a life- long fear of getting into water has conquered her fears and is now an enthusiastic and regular member of an Aqua Aerobics class thanks to 1610 and the staff at Torridge Pool.

 When 67-year old Yvonne Watson from Bideford was eight years old she was pulled under the water as part of a childish prank which left her with an overwhelming fear of water which meant that she could not enter a swimming pool or go close to water on leisure trips and family holidays.

Yvonne had a number of health conditions and wanted to exercise in water which could be beneficial for her health issues, so in 2014 she approached staff at Torridge Pool to help her overcome her fears. Now she attends 4 Aquafit sessions a week at Torridge Pool even though she still cannot swim. Although Yvonne always kept herself fit and was a Nordic Walking instructor she could still not get over being scared of the water; “For a long time I envied swimmers and wished I could do it. I was just so scared but now I have a number of health conditions including problems with my joints, I have Arthritis as well as Angina and I knew exercising in water could help me. The staff at Torridge Pool have been so encouraging and the instructors have been brilliant. I was very afraid of slipping, but they have allowed me to gain confidence gradually and eventually I made it out of the shallow end to be shoulder deep in the water.”

Yvonne now loves attending the classes and has found that exercising in water and the atmosphere in the pool has helped her Asthma.  She now aims to take up swimming lessons as her next personal challenge but she says she could not progress without the support of the staff and the other members of the Aquafit class; “The friendship and support I have received has been amazing, I feel so energised after a class and it is great to exercise safely without risking any injury. The next challenge will be to swim but I am building my confidence all the time, and if I can do this I am sure others can feel inspired to follow suit as there are so many benefits, from friendship to fun, and keeping fit.”

For more information about Aquafit sessions or swimming lessons please contact Torridge Pool Tel 01237 471794.