1610 Chard showcases exciting new ‘nutrition’ workshop to help end the cycle of yo yo dieting

Posted: 26th Apr 2019

Category: Health & Fitness


With summer fast approaching many of us might be thinking about losing weight, and for some this might not be the first time, but a new workshop at 1610 Chard aims to dispel the myths of the diet industry and yo yo dieting with a new approach to moderation and the way we view our bodies.

The two hour workshop organised by social enterprise Nutriri on Sunday May 12 (10am-12 noon) explores our psychological and emotional responses to food.  It also examines unrealistic attitudes to body shapes and how we can develop a long-term approach to nourishment without the need for fad dieting. https://nutriri.org/1610chard

Nutriri Founder Helen James says that the workshop aims to help people on a number of levels; “The workshop helps participants to accept their bodies and reject the unrealistic expectations that society places on them. We provide the tools to stop disordered eating patterns and make better self-care choices. The diet industry is worth billions and yet we have an eating disorder economic impact of £15bn each year so how we see ourselves and our attitude to food is a very important issue for everyone.”

The workshop is one of a series of health and well- being which are being organised at 1610 Chard as Manager Trish Bishop explains;

“We take a holistic approach to good health at 1610 Chard although we can boast superb exercise facilities here it is important to foster healthy attitudes to both mind and body. The nutrition workshop will provide important information about attitudes to food and healthy eating and we also have organised motivational workshops on personal life choices and we will also be providing some mental health workshops in the near future.”

For more information about the Nutriri workshop and other information about 1610 Chard please Tel 01460 494020 or email tbishop@1610.or.uk