Membership Terms and Conditions

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1610 Leisure Centre membership terms and conditions

1610 leisure centre terms of use


1.1 These terms and conditions form part of the agreement between you and us, 1610 Limited (company number 06727055) for your membership and use of the particular 1610 leisure centre you have joined (‘Your Centre’).


1.2 Your membership agreement and the rules and regulations (‘the Centre Terms’) applicable to Your Centre, and any of our other centres which you are authorised to use, also form part of your agreement with us. The Centre Terms vary from centre to centre and are displayed, or available on request, at each centre.


1.3 Your membership excludes (if they are not Your Centre) use of Trinity Sports and Leisure, Robert Blake and Dorchester Sports Centre, 1610 Chard and King Alfred Sports Centre plus any other new leisure centre we may open from time to time.


1.4 In these terms and conditions, the word ‘including’ and the term ‘such as’ and any similar expression shall be construed as illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the following words.


1.5 These Terms may be reviewed and/or altered at any time. We will use reasonable endeavours to inform Members of material or significant changes to the Terms as far in advance as possible with notice of any significant change such as the temporary closure of a facility or change to Membership Fees. Notices will be displayed in the facilities and, where You have provided an email address, this will be used as the primary method of contact for such notice.

2. Duration of your agreement

2.1 Your agreement runs from the start date shown in the membership agreement (upon which these terms and conditions are set out) and will continue until terminated by either of us in accordance with the terms set out in this document.

2.2 I understand that I have a right to terminate the membership agreement at any time within 14 days of the start of the contract and would be entitled to a refund of all fees paid minus the activity cost price of anything utilised during this period of time.

3. Membership Fees

3.1 You have agreed to pay the monthly or annual membership fees shown for the type of membership you have chosen. Details of the various types of membership appear in condition 4 below. You were given the option of electing to pay monthly or annually.

3.2 On joining for the first, or any subsequent, time you are also obliged to pay the KickStart fee, which includes a personalised 5 staged programme.

3.3 You will need to advise us if you change details. We may however accept other payment methods at our absolute discretion.


3.4 Our membership fees are reviewed at least once per calendar year, revised fees will be displayed and notice given at least 10 days prior to any changes taking effect by email/and or letter.


3.5 On expiry or termination of your membership, it will be your responsibility to cancel your direct debit.

4. Membership categories and entitlements

4.1 As you will see from the Application Form, we offer different categories of membership. Currently, these are:

4.1.1 Premier membership – this is full adult membership for one person.

4.1.2 Fit and active – for those aged 12+ and in full time secondary education from Yr7 - Yr13.

4.1.3 Joint – for spouses, partners or family members living together at the same address.

4.1.4 Corporate – when your membership is through terms agreed with your employer.

4.1.5 Swim – only available at our Devon centres and includes swimming pool access during public swim sessions.

4.1.6 Wellness Works – for people with existing medical or health condition referred by health professional or by self-referral. (Access weekdays opening time till 5pm and anytime on weekends).


4.1.7 Swim Lessons – for juniors and adults taking part in the 1610 swim lessons programme.


4.1.8 Love Sport – for juniors taking part in 1610 term time sports courses.


4.2 We may offer concessionary rates on our standard premier membership and joint fees, for senior citizens and those receiving means tested benefits or universal credits. The details of these concessions vary from time to time and are available from each of our Centres.


4.3 You must advise us immediately if your circumstances change and you cease to be eligible for any of these categories of membership or the concessions.


4.4 Your membership entitles you to use our gym facilities, exercise classes and, for Centres which you are entitled to use and which have them, swimming pools and saunas. For personal training there will be an extra charge. Details of these charges (which will vary from time to time) are available at each of our Centres. If you fail to give us notice of your wish to cancel a pre-booked class or activity at least 2 hours before it is due to start, you will be liable to pay the full ‘pay as you go’ price for that class or activity. You will need to clear this debt at your next visit to the facility.


4.5 For all classes of membership, access to facilities and activities is limited to times and programmes listed and displayed at the relevant Centre and on our website. Exercise and activity programmes are reviewed periodically and we reserve the right to amend or cancel programmes at any time. Where possible we will give two weeks notice on our website and/or at the relevant Centre.


4.6 Where in centres with swimming pools, our local rules permit members to take their children swimming, they may only do so if accompanied by their member parent and that parent will be responsible for ensuring that their child complies with all applicable safety and other regulations.


4.7 We reserve the right to change our membership categories from time to time.


5. Payment options

5.1 If you choose to pay your membership fees monthly, then you will be agreeing to remain a member and pay the monthly membership fees for at least 3 monthly direct debit payments, after which your membership will continue on a monthly basis.


5.2 If you choose to pay your membership fees annually, then you are taking advantage of the discount we offer for early payment and will be agreeing to remain a member for 12 months.


6. Inability to use facilities

If for any period of more than one month you are unable to use our facilities because of pregnancy, illness or incapacity then please speak to us and we may at our discretion agree to suspend the membership fees until you are able to start using the facilities again.


7. Termination

7.1 Your Direct Debit contract is with DFC (Debit Finance Collections PLC). Direct Debit memberships cannot be cancelled prior to the agreed contract length that you have signed for and the last payment has been made. A contract may be cancelled once the final payment has been made: this requires 30 days’ notice in writing to DFC (Debit Finance Collections PLC) by e-mail info@debitfinance. co.ukor phone DFC (Debit Finance Collections PLC) on 01908 422007. On commencement of your membership, any part month pro-rata payment must be made at the time of joining.


7.2 We may cancel your membership at any time:

7.2.1 without reason by giving you one months notice in writing. If we cancel your membership on this basis, we will refund any fees that you have paid in relation to the period after expiry of the cancellation notice;

7.2.2 By giving you immediate notice in writing if: you seriously or repeatedly break the conditions of your membership as set out in our agreement (which includes these terms and conditions); you allow someone else to use your membership card to gain, or attempt to gain, access to any of our Centres; your behaviour at or near any of our centres is unacceptable to us, for instance if you use offensive or abusive language or are offensive or abusive to any of our employees, members or others or put any of them at risk; you damage any of our equipment or facilities or fail, or refuse, to follow any instructions given as to their safe and proper use. you operate as a personal trainer at any of our centres or you commission a personal trainer at any of our centres without our consent. if we are requested to do so by the landlord of or client for whom we are operating Your Centre or if our right to operate should expire or be terminated. you fail to pay your membership fees when due.

7.2.3 If we cancel your membership under condition to (inclusive), we will not allow you to re-join.

8. Circumstances beyond our control

8.1 If as a result of circumstances beyond our control (such as flooding, damage to buildings, equipment, staff sickness, government requirements, epidemics, strikes, safety, safeguarding or security reasons) we are unable to operate Your Centre either partly or fully, we may refuse or be unable to allow you access to Your Centre. If this continues for more than one week, then we will refund a proportionate part of your membership fee for the period during which you are not allowed access to Your Centre unless there is another of our centres within a 10 mile radius of Your Centre available for you to use.

9. Concessionary rates

9.1 If you are taking advantage of any of our concessionary rates we will need you to provide satisfactory proof of your entitlement to such rates. If you fail to do so then you will lose your right to the concession and be charged the full applicable membership fees. We will ask for proof on a regular basis.

10. Liability

10.1 If we carry out any health assessments, we may identify possible problems or risks and recommend that you seek medical advice before continuing or taking exercise. We will not be liable or responsible if you fail to take such advice or ignore it or our recommendations. In any event you should consult your general medical practitioner and/or specialist medical consultants before you start any exercise program or class and we cannot accept any liability for the consequences of you failing to do so.


10.2 We cannot accept liability for any loss of, or damage to, any of your personal effects (including valuables, vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles) from or at any of our Centres. It is your responsibility to keep these safe and secure.

11. Data Protection

11.1 Any personal data which you provide to us will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy (a copy of which can be found at [] or can be provided to you on request. This policy may be updated from time to time.

12. Membership Cards

12.1 You will be issued with a membership card which you must bring with you to gain entry to the centres. If you lose your membership card we will charge a fee (currently £2.60) for a replacement card.

12.2 Membership and the membership card are personal to you and you must not allow anyone else to use your membership card.

12.3 We reserve the right to allow you to enter the centres if you do not have a valid and current membership card with you.

12.4 You must sign the card immediately to confirm this is a live membership.

13. Contact details

13.1 You must advise us of any changes in your address or other contact details so that we can communicate with you when required.

14. Swim Lessons DD Memberships

14.1 Swimming lessons are periodically reviewed and 1610 reserves the right to amend or cancel programmes with a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

14.2 Members will be charged for 48 lessons over a 12 month period but be given the opportunity to attend 50 lessons in 12 months. It is up to member whether they choose to take advantage of these lessons or not. To receive these two free lessons members must attend all lessons over a 12 month period and have paid for these 12 months consecutively. The free swimming lessons are built into the course as outlined above.

14.3 All swimming lesson memberships entitle members to 1 lesson weekly only, at a pre-determined and booked time. For some lessons members may have the opportunity of paying for double lessons and are then entitled to 2 lessons weekly at a pre-determined and booked time.
Any lessons missed are non-refundable or transferable.

14.4 When attending a 1610 centre for swimming lessons all children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The accompanying adult must remain on site for the duration of the lessons and it is the responsibility of this adult to suitably supervise the child prior to and following the completion of each lesson. The swimming teachers are only responsible for the children during the time of the lesson. Parents and/or guardians should drop children off at the designated drop off area and be ready to collect children from the pick up area at the end of each lesson. It is also the responsibility of the adult to supervise their child in the changing rooms and toilets if the child leaves the lesson during the lesson for any reason.


15. Love Sport DD Memberships

15.1 Love Sport courses are periodically reviewed and 1610 reserves the right to amend or cancel programmes with a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

15.2 Members will be charged for 48 sessions over a 12 month period but be given the opportunity to attend 50 sessions in 12 months. It is up to members whether they choose to take advantage of these sessions or not. To receive these two free sessions* members must attend all sessions over a 12 month period and have paid for these 12 months consecutively. The free sessions are built into the course as outlined above.

15.3 All 1610 Love Sport Course standard members are entitled to 1 sports session per week only, the sport, day and time will be at a pre-determined and booked time. All members with a multi sport membership are entitled to 2 sports sessions from the range available at each centre per week only, the sports, days, and times will be at a pre-determined day and booked time. Multi sports members may transfer between different sports* included in the multi sports membership subject to space being available.

15.4 When attending a 1610 centre for sports courses all children must remain accompanied by a responsible adult. The adult must remain on site and within the vicinity of the area that the coach is delivering but within the designated area for spectating. The sports coaches are only responsible for supervising the children during the sports session. The parent and/or guardian is responsible for supervising their child should they leave the session for any reason.

*Swimming lessons are excluded from the Love Sport memberships