Gary Devonald - Personal Trainer

Fitness Qualifications:

Level 2 gym instructor, level 3 personal trainer, level 3 nutrition and weight management, kettlebells instructor, TRX instructor, Core stability instructor, Boxercise instructor and coach.

About Me:

I started ‘hitting the gym’ when I was 17, as I was a skinny and not a very sporty person needing to change how I looked! From there, I have developed my own personal training programmes and built myself a new and better body. Because I know how it feels to need to change, I really enjoy helping other people achieve their health and fitness goals by supporting and motivating people along in their journey to success.

I now have over 10 years experience of working in the fitness industry by helping others in personal training and fitness instructing, from all walks of life including athletes, people new to the gym/fitness, helping people lose weight and change body shape.

I’ll design your training to suit you as an individual, keeping it varied, fun, inspirational and with your training goals always in mind.

If you need support with nutritional advice I can help with eating plans and support.

With my experience i can bring you the right tools of the job - boxing, cardio, weights, TRX - whatever motivates and works for you!

A Few of Gary's Favourite Things

On my time off you will find me in the free weights area of the gym doing my own personal workouts, making sure I always get the most out of my workout and time in the gym.

My other passions are motorsport, cars and coffee (great pre-workout drink!) I live locally in Chilton Trinity so I’m never very far away from the gym.

Favourite Exercise

It’s really hard to choose just 1 exercise as there are so many great ones but if I really have to chose it would be the kettle bell swing which is great for posture, core, strength and fitness.

Contact Me: For any questions or enquiries please contact me at: or Tel 07969506692.

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