Wearable Tech Workshops 2019

Dates: 17th Jan 2019, 9:00am - 31st Mar 2019, 21:00pm

Category: Sports Event

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Are you still trying to figure out the functions of your new wearable tech to aid you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle? 

We are here to help you do just that. Join one or our informal workshops to find out how to get the most from both your device and supporting app, as well as discover how to get more from your workouts by linking with the 1610 MyWellness App.

Here's a list of all the locations of our workshops - dates tbc:

1610 Chard 

  • Thurs 28 Feb at 7pm and Sunday 3 march at 10am. To book call 01460 494020 or email chard@1610.org.uk 

Castle Sports Centre

  • Tues 22 Jan at 10.30am & Wed 23 Jan at 5.00pm. To book call 01823 322934 or email castle@1610.org.uk

Dorchester Sports Centre 

  • Thurs 24 Jan at 12pm, Tues 29 Jan at 5pm and Thursday 21 Feb at 12pm. To book call 01305 858400 or email dorchester@1610.org.uk

Holsworthy Leisure Centre

  • Mon 21 Jan at 7pm and Mon 18th Feb 7pm To book call 01409 254013 or email holsworthy@1610.org.uk

King Alfreds Sports Centre

  • Mon 21 Jan at 7pm and Wed 23 Jan at 9am. To book call 01278 786868 or email kingalfred@1610.org.uk

Preston Sports Centre

  • Mon 28 Jan at TBC To book call 01935 413477 or email preston@1610.org.uk

Torridge Pool

  • Sat 19 Jan at 10.15am, Tuesday 5th Feb at 10am and Saturday 16th Feb at 10.15am To book call 01237 471794 or email torridge@1610.org.uk 

Trinity Sports & Leisure 

  • Wed 30th Jan at 10am and Mon 4th Feb at 7.30pm. To book call 01278 429119 or email Trinity@1610.org.uk

Please book your place via the 1610 app or simply call or email using the contact details above.