Personal Success Workshop Part 1

It is about belief, the confidence to take action, stretch comfort zones, help others to help you, and having a work ethic that makes it happen.

If you want know what it takes to transform your life and chances for success, sign up to our series of Personal Success Workshops in January 2020.

The content has evolved from the published book 10 Actions to Transform Your Life. The content will be inspirational, thought provoking and most importantly immediately useable – no complicated theories that don’t work, but at the end of the day nothing will work unless we do!

Part 1

You will learn:

  • The 4 key components of success including ‘think’ luke a successful person
  • How to make significant change
  • How to find immense motivation to make significant change in life
  • How to make impactful decisions
  • How to focus on things you can control
  • How to develop the self-confidence and belief in yourself to make success a reality and have the confidence to do things you’ve never done before.
  • You will learn to inhale confidence and exhale doubt.

Free for Members / £3 for Non-Members

Book online today or via the 1610 mobile app. If you have never logged in before please contact 01460 494020 and we will get you all set up.