Body Conditioning

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The perfect way to kickstart your weekend. A Friday morning Body Conditioning class is designed to target those key muscle areas, combing a variety of both CV and resistance exercises, using the latest equipment to help improve your all round fitness and body shape.

The beauty of this class is that every week it really will be different, so even if the state of the art dance studio remains the same your workout won't, meaning it's great for those looking for variety in their programme. One week you'll use Kettlebells, the next week you could be taken through a mini circuit, there really is no limit to what can be offered. 

You’ll be challenged every step of the way with our friendly and inspiring instructors, who will keep both the heart and music pumping throughout your workout.  All abilities and ages (16+) welcome.

A Body Conditioning class at Trinity Sports and Leisure will have you burning up to 700 calories, so make a booking online today or call our contact centre on 01278 429119.  

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