Hard Hiit

Hard HIIT class at 1610 Chard

A Thursday evenings Hard HIIT class is the perfect way to start your week... All we ask is that you turn up ready to go!

This short 30 minute blast will take you through a high intensity interval training session that will not only have you burning lots of calories during your workout, but even long after your session you'll still be burning those calories and reaping the benefits of this type of training. 

This proven method of training combines both cardio and bodyweight strength exercises in a short sharp workout that gets results. Additional benefits to name but a few, include increased strength and improved cardiovascular fitness.

First time? 

This is an a very intense workout so we politely ask participants to take part in a warm up before attending a session. If you’re not too sure whether this is the class for you please ask one of our friendly instructors.

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