Why considering a personal trainer in 2018 is a great idea

Posted: 4th Jan 2017

Category: Health & Well Being


Going to a gym by yourself isn’t easy, the majority of people battle with this on a daily basis. The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is to go and do a workout. You look at that gym and decide going home and sitting on the sofa eating rubbish food seems a better idea, ‘I'll start tomorrow’ you say to yourself. That tomorrow turns into another day, then another and now weeks have passed, more weight is going on and unhappy you become, and the mental and physical battle with exercise is getting harder. You finally get the motivation to pick that gym bag up and go to the gym, you walk in the gym and dawns on that you have no idea what to do.

By finding a personal trainer it will make that mental battle a lot easier if you have booked a session, you are committed to turning up, your behaviour tends to follow your intentions. There are so many benefits to why a personal trainer is good to have:-

  • Accountability and motivation

  • Personalised Training programme


  • Consistent, non judgmental support

  • Correct technique and form

  • Injury prevention

  • Sport specific training

  • Maximize/minimize workout time

  • Relationship building


Trainers are experts at holding you accountable. Your session is booked and paid for. The trainer will be waiting for you with a big smile, they are there to help you work towards those goals (long term and short term). Trainers have the ability to believe in you even when you are feeling at your lowest and you don’t believe in yourself. The trainer is there to keep you motivated and smiling. Trainers don’t believe in the saying ‘ I CAN’T’. It’s all about being in that positive mental mindset and the trainer is there to keep you motivated in your journey. Have no idea on what to do in the gym?? No need to worry, the trainer will design your sessions and gym program for you. These are specially designed to help you on your path to success towards your goals. Not only do Personal Trainers help towards your exercise routine but also help and guide you to a healthier lifestyle. There is so much on the media front on how to look, what products to take to lose weight( which really bugs me, as it’s just a money making scheme and they of course don’t actually care about your health) . We need to try and not get caught up in this, the important factor in all this is to trust your trainer with their indepth knowledge and experience to design a nutrition plan that keeps you working towards a healthier LIFESTYLE and not just a one off diet.

Never been really sure if you are doing an exercise correctly, or not really had the confidence to try out a piece of equipment? Everything you do with your trainer will be in a safe and correct manner, the trainer will always make sure their client is performing the correct technique. For one to make sure they are doing the exercise safely to prevent any injuries also to get the maximum benefit from doing the exercises. Personal Trainers are not just around to help people lose weight, we also offer sport specific training and rehab training to injuries.

Just a few more points I would like to share with you:  

TRUST. The trust you have in your trainer to guide help you go in the right direction and help you towards your goals, but also to ensure every single session is right for you, leaving you feeling not only that you’ve had a great workout, but you can’t wait to get back in and do it all over again!

And finally a big one…..RESULTS! I get so many of my clients say that they would have given up on their sessions if they were on their own, during sessions I’ve had a few clients give me a grimace whilst working with them as  I’ve helped push them slightly out of their comfort zone, but it always at the end of the session they are thanking me and saying how much they enjoyed it . When you come to doing your sessions on your own, you’ll be more motivated, have your goals in your head and you’ll keep pushing through that every single workout with meaning. This is where the real results will begin to come.

We as trainers are there to motivate, support and guide, once you are in a routine we have every condfidence that it will become second nature to you…and there you have it a lifestyle change is complete.

Healthier lifestyle with exercise and nutrition isn’t just for post Christmas or summer, its all year round, January is just great place to start.

My biggest advice I can offer you is - Scrap fad diets and trying to get fit in 2 - 3 weeks!

Be true to yourself otherwise you only set yourself up for failure. You might not need a  Personal trainer for a lifetime but a short term investment will help you reap the benefits for years to come.  

Personal Training now available at the following centres:

We're also currently recruiting for a personal trainer at 1610 Chard.