The true benefits of regular exercise

Posted: 14th Jan 2016

Category: Health and Fitness Tips

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“Many people are under the wrong impression about ‘exercise’ and believe that you have to ‘feel the burn’, or it has to be a ‘no pain, no gain’ scenario, but this is simply not true or justified in reality”

Laura Spencer, GP Referral Coordinator at Dorchester Sports Centr

The universal message for gaining or maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the benefits of regular exercise is well presented and often evangelically believed.  So if we know that exercise is good for us, how is it that thousands of Brits do not participate in any form of exercise?  The benefits are numerous and difficult to ignore.  Unfortunately, it does require effort at various levels to achieve that ‘feel good factor’ and exercise must be undertaken on a regular basis for you to gain any worthwhile benefit.  Regardless of your age, gender or physical ability, any form of activity whether it be a regular walk, a structured exercise class, a sport, swimming,  or just simply moving constantly, your body will respond positively to the investment you put into your health and fitness.

Many people are under the wrong impression about ‘exercise’ and believe that you have to ‘feel the burn’, or it has to be a ‘no pain, no gain’ scenario, but this is simply not true or justified in reality.  Over the years, the fitness industry has perpetuated these myths and may have invariably created the wrong mindset among some of the population in believing that exercise is not for them.

Find Something you enjoy 

First of all, the most important point about achieving the health benefits of regular exercise is to find an activity you enjoy.  That way you will stick with it and look forward to participating while at the same time, physically and mentally benefiting.  And you don’t have to set aside hours to exercise to reap the benefits.  Start by constantly increasing your metabolism and heart rate throughout the day by walking the stairs instead of taking the lift;increase the effort it takes to do household chores by vacuuming more vigorously, move quickly between rooms you will soon see what I mean. 

Lunch on the go

If you have a lunch hour – eat and relax for 30 minutes and then take a twenty or thirty minute walk at a moderate pace around the block, a nearby park or up and down the street especially if there is a hill to climb.  The benefits of regular exercise have knock on effects, so you don’t have to work your muscles in isolation.  This means, as soon as you start to move, your blood pressure adjusts, your heart rate will decrease over time which indicates improved cardiovascular fitness; being active will boost your ‘good cholesterol’ and reduce your ‘bad cholesterol’, it strengthens your heart which improves its function reducing your risk of stroke or heart disease, and strengthens bone through impact exercises such as walking or running.  Through the release of naturally occurring endorphins, your mood and wellbeing can also be lifted, so not only will you benefit physically, you will also benefit psychologically.  As these positive experiences continue throughout your daily life, the benefits are maintained.  Exercise and physical activity of a moderate to high level, can improve your muscle strength, burn calories and boost your endurance allowing your heart and lungs to work more efficiently giving you more energy to go about your daily life.

So without preaching to the converted, keep up the good work everyone and spread the word about the importance of regular exercise.  You are all proof of the benefits. 

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