PRAMA - The Interactive Fitness Experience

Posted: 3rd May 2017

Category: Health and Fitness Tips

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We are now 18 months into introducing the first PRAMA studio in the UK to our community and its safe to say it is a class that our members have really embraced and people are still talking about. 

We all associate Exercise with physical activity however there are so many contributing factors to living a good healthy lifestyle including exercising the brain and working on day to day factors that we tend to take for granted including Balance, Co-ordination and our reflexes. 

PRAMA assists with all of this and this is why it is such a diverse product. PRAMA is user friendly and creates a unique atmosphere to any other group exercise class. The benefits are that we can create a very different environment with lighting music and as you work in groups of 3 the key focus is on yourself rather than what is going on elsewhere in the class. This Fun new class is based on functional movement and working to your own ability.

We have seen a number of different user groups try out PRAMA including School students, Burnham Rugby Club Seniors and Juniors, Yeovil College and our GP Referrals. 

We now have a number of PRAMA classes delivered including PRAMA Conditioning, PRAMA HIIT and PRAMA Move and I am sure there is still more to come from PRAMA we have only touched the surface. 

If you haven't already tried PRAMA give it a go you wont be disappointed

Prama Sessions