The perfect prep to get you 10k ready - Brad's story

Posted: 3rd Aug 2018

Category: 1610 Race Series


Believe it or not being in the fitness industry does not automatically mean you are "fit". Being fit comes in so many forms and for me I could lift weights all day but running has certainly never been my type of FIT.

The 10K Training program comes in 6 different stages on the MyWellness system to be done on a treadmill but can be used outside if you are tracking your run on the app.

Firstly you have a 2k interval which is basically 2k of running split with some power walking to make it a little easier on the cardio. Following that is your full 2k which explains itself. After that you get the 5k interval which is where i have got to in the gym, then the full 5k and then 7k interval and full 7k.

I was not fit enough to find the 2k interval easy but with some persistence i have got to a full 5k in quite a short amount of time. I havnt done the full 5k in the gym yet but i went outdoors for a run last night and did it so i am quite happy with that.

This Training obviously works and i will continue to use it just because i am feeling so much better since doing it and i will give you an update when i progress further.

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