Let's Move For A Better World

Posted: 26th Feb 2016

Category: Health & Well Being

On the 1st March the world starts to become a little more yellow! On the 1st March the global Technogym challenge; Lets Move for a Better World kicks off but what’s it all about?

The challenge is born out of a campaign to tackle physical inactivity. Physical inactivity has strong links to obesity and many health issues and its time we all stood together to make a lasting change to our own lifestyles and for the young people in our communities. It is well known that if children have overweight parents that they are more likely to be overweight as children and that if a child is overweight, there are more likely to be overweight as an adult too.

To give us all a little more motivation to take part Technogym are donating a whole set of Fitness Equipment to a School of choice for the winning facility! Across 1610 we have carefully selected Schools who we work closely with and play a big part in our communities who will receive the equipment if that site wins! So, the more moves we collect in our facilities the better the chance of that local school winning the equipment meaning more children will have access to better quality physical activity through state of the art equipment.

At 1610 we are always up for a challenge so we have pledged to collectively achieve over 1 million moves from our 5 sites taking part and we need your help to hit our target!! You may see some Yellow Party events coming up soon so have a look at those and see where you can come along to take part! Our staff may even have something new to wear during the challenge and that’s something everyone needs to see!

Let's Move isn’t about running marathons or suddenly walking everywhere you go, it’s a bit moving more, even just a little more, because if we all begin to move more the combined effect could be enormous!  The best part is that you don’t have to be a 1610 member to take part so you can bring along your friends, your family and your children to visit one of our facilities and to donate some moves today and who knows it could be a school near you that wins!

I urge you now, come and join the challenge, join together with your community and make one visit to a site near you and donate some ‘moves’ to this global challenge and lets see how we can all, collectively make a difference!

Donate your MOVES at your local 1610 Centre: