Kate and Caroline's road to a our Dorchester Dash!

Posted: 6th Aug 2018

Category: 1610 Race Series


So we've been for a couple of jogs. First one we decided to do was a run from site up to Maiden Castle at lunchtime. Not our brightest idea being so hot but needed to get a run in and start. - We've also established taking photos whilst moving are not the most flattering but then you've got to get a sweat on to improve! Going for runs with the beautiful Dorset scenery definitely makes every step much easier!

You've got to start somewhere and we've made that first step. Now to build up our fitness and distance to see what we can really achieve!

This is the time to start thinking about joining us! In the next few weeks we have some guest runners lined up to come for a run and we are going to release a beginners training plan so keep your eyes out! Why not challenge yourself! We will support you every step of the way no matter what age, shape or ability!

Feeling inspired? Download our training plan here or sign up here!