HIIT Training - Exercise can be accessible anywhere!!

Posted: 26th Aug 2016

Category: Health and Fitness Tips


We’re all busy living life at 100 mph, with so much to do in the day it’s normally exercise that sits on the backburner with the old excuses;

‘I just don’t have the time, or I will start tomorrow!’  But…will tomorrow ever come? Start making these changes today-don’t procrastinate!

Why I use HIIT Training…..

Whether you’re struggling with time or not, HIIT training is a great way of keeping in shape and feeling good about yourself. 

I started using HIIT training around 18 months ago having read about its benefits I started tailoring it into my daily work outs. I found that I was working harder and saving myself time in the gym as well.

I started seeing results quickly, firstly I was starting to feel fitter, each workout started to get easier & I was feeling the benefits from my other two hobbies football & spinning. I was getting fitter, faster and stronger and my overall game was improving as my fitness increased.

Over a longer period my weight had dropped my 2kg and my body fat by 3% alongside an increase in muscle mass going from 38-41% by using other weight barring exercises into my workout.

The great thing with HIIT training is that is accessible anywhere, you don’t need to be at the gym/studio to have a great work out. Use the environment around you and be creative. You can even ask your trainer for advice or a HIIT programme for you to do outside of the gym.

Top tips!

  • Plan, Measure, Record- Plan your session in order to have an effective workout. Record your results, mood, feeling, exertion etc. to see if you are making progress towards your over all goal! How does this measure up to where you want to be, are you on track?
  • Routine- set your self a routine by planning when your work outs are going to be, x3 days of the week, straight after work? It’s up to you….
  • Goals- what is it that you wanting to achieve? why are you doing this? Set specific goals using smart targets. 
  • Music- find songs that really motivate you and make you feel good!
  • Keep your routine fresh & progressive, don’t keep doing the same exercises.