Gym Instructor for the swimming pool?

Posted: 26th Apr 2017

Category: Swimming


Swim Buddies now at a pool near you!

As a keen swimmer there is one thing that I have never understood. When you go to a gym you have to do all sorts of things before you are allowed to use the gym, you will probably have to do some form of induction, fill out details regarding your health and may even be required to give various measurements such as weight, height, blood pressure and heart rate. Even when this is complete there is a trained Wellness Coach on hand to give advice and support if you’re unsure of the correct technique. Yet as a swimmer I can simply rock up to the pool, jump in and push my heart rate to the limit and will not even get asked how I am feeling today!

Swimming is perceived as a gentle sport so perhaps that is why fewer questions are asked, but if you are really using the pool properly it can be just as beneficial as exercise within the or from attending an exercise class. The problem is that most people don’t understand what they need to do, and how they can really use swimming to improve fitness. You don’t have to be an Olympic or even a former competitive swimmer to feel the benefits. Just like using the gym you simply need to know what the right things are to do!

This is exactly why here at 1610 we have developed a brand new role within Team 1610, a Swim Buddy. The best way to think of a swim buddy is that they are a Wellness Coach/Personal Trainer but for the pool. A swim buddy is not a swimming teacher; they are very much like a gym instructor. Our Swim Buddies have been given a careful blend of knowledge from fitness principles, which can be utilised in the pool environment to help improve your technique and form. So just like a Wellness Coach might approach someone in the gym if their squat technique was off, a swim buddy might approach you if you need to work on your breathing control or if you’re seeking to mix up your swim sessions.

Swim buddies are there to show you and inform you of what you can use to maximise the benefits from your sessions, such as:

  • Using the flags and bunting to help spot the wall when swimming backstroke
  • How to use a pull buoy or other special equipment
  • Why most pools have a pace clock to use
  • What training methods can be adopted to encourage increased fitness or weight loss
  • And lots more…

So if you want to swim more, or simply want some advice on how you can improve your fitness in the pool but don’t require swimming lessons, then ask your local centre’s swim buddy for help today!