Dream Career Vs Dream Body

Posted: 12th Aug 2016

Category: Health and Fitness Tips

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We all know that it can sometimes be hard to have a work life balance and the first thing that goes out the window is the gym if we do not have enough time. Being a Personal Trainer I always thought that I would keep in shape and make time for the gym however little did I know that the more I progressed in my job the less I would be using the facility that I promote and work in.

12 months ago I was the fittest and leanest I had ever been teaching 12-14 classes a week and being active on my feet all day as part of my job – I had lots of energy, I ate well and regularly and slept well. More and more of us are constantly chasing our career and putting so much energy into finding this that less effort is put into our own Health & Wellbeing.  Once I had realised that my Health & Fitness had dropped on my list of priorities not to mention that the big 3-0 was approaching I decided to Kick-start my Fitness Journey and get back on track.

So how did I get back on track?

I booked a Personal Trainer believe it or not!! I have the knowledge in regards to Nutrition and Fitness however I didn’t want to do all the thinking and planning. I needed to know that this was done for me, one less thing for me to think about and someone there to measure my progress. I only meet with her twice a month but it keeps me on track knowing someone is watching me.

I set goals - I have already completed the Bridgwater Bolt 10k this year and although I did not hit my personal best it has given me a starting point – my next 2 challenges are Tough mudder and the Chard Chaser 10k my goal is to survive Tough mudder and come in under 1 hour for the Chard Chaser.

I have always been a big foody so this is the most challenging area for me to adjust – I go from one extreme to the other not eating all day because I am glued to my computer and loose track of time or eat to much because I am tired and bored sat at home watching tele. I have now started to prepare meals in advance again to keep me on track and so it is more convenient when I get home after a long day. I still eat nice food and tend to eat more protein and good fats but lower carbohydrates as this tends to make me feel tired.

I am still not quite where I want to be but I am on track to being healthier and making time for myself……….we all go through times where we struggle to keep a balance and our Fitness to a high level (even us Fitness Instructors) but once you are back on track the hard work is worth it.

Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Set a short, medium and long term goals
  • Challenge yourself – do something you have never done before
  • Plan and Prepare
  • Get advice from a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
  • Most importantly….. Have Fun!!!