Birthday Parties FAQ's

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This information relates to parties held at one of our leisure centres, not out outdoor adventure parties.

How many children is included in price?

This depends on the party you book – all Jumping Jacks and Nerf War Parties can cater for up to 20 children and zorb parties can cater for up to 15. You can pay to bring extra children along to a Jumping Jacks party - £10 for an extra 10 children.

Is food included?

No. We currently ask families to bring their own food, drink and cake to parties. Please note that we have limited/no kitchen space at our centres, therefore cold party food usually works best.

How early can I come in to set up on the day?

As you can imagine, we get very busy during the weekends for our parties. Therefore we ask that you do not arrive more than 10mins before your allocated party time. *Please note that in some centres, the party food room may overlap the next party coming in. We ask that all parties leave promptly at their finish time so that if there is another booking they are able to access the space as soon as possible.

Is there parking onsite?

Yes. We have plenty of parking at all of our sites. Please be aware that at some sites you will not be able to park next to the building, therefore we recommend that you bring food etc in bags or boxes to make it easier to carry.

Do you have a café for teas and coffees?

We try to have tea and coffee available across all of our sites for parents to use. Please check with your chosen centre.

Can I bring in a face painter?

Absolutely! We love face painters! Please just let us know before the party so that we can keep an area free in either the sports hall or food room.

How long is the party?

All parties last for 1hr 45mins. The first hour is your chosen activity followed by 45mins for food, cake and maybe some party games. Please note that it is company policy not to inflate the bouncy castles after children have eaten.

What is included in the price?

During the activity at the party you will have a dedicated Party Leader to help keep the children entertained. They are able to have as much or as little involvement as you like. They will conduct all planned activities, play with the children and supervise free play during a Jumping Jacks party

What happens during the party?

We will welcome you at the start of the party, make sure we are both happy with the plans for the party and then it will be time for lots of fun!!! After the first hour has passed the Party Leader to guide the group to where they will be having food. At this point, the children are handed back to the parent’s/families for the yummy food!

Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes! We have enough tables and chairs at our centres to cater for an army!

Do you have invitations or do I have to use my own?

Please follow this link for downloadable invitations.

What party games are you able to play with us?

We are more than happy to coordinate most party games. If you would like to pass the parcel, then please bring the parcel with you and we’ll do the rest.

Can we play music?

Yes have plenty of ways that we can play music. Please contact your chosen centre for what options they have at site.

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